who we are

Pro Gold partners with communities, children, the Government, civil society, corporations, academia and faith-based organisations to build a nation ideal for children. World Vision has been ever responsive to major disasters in India in the last few decades including the 2004 Tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake and recurring flood situations across various states. Further, Pro Gold is a member of several networks and coalitions at various levels.

About Company


About Pro Gold

Pro Gold the first blockchain asset transaction platform that initiated Bitcoin options trading and other crypto options trading in the world. Pro Gold is an efficient Bitcoin futrues & Crypto options trading platform, which is devoted to the innovation and development of blockchain futures and options trading model and derivatives.


Pro Gold Objective

We commit ourselves to the establishment of a professional BTC futrues, Bitcoin options and other crypto options transaction platform. We're dedicated to maintaining our leading market position, with various innovative futures/options and other derivatives as our core products.


Pro Gold Team

Pro Gold team is mainly composed of the core exchange team. Boasting sufficient successful experiences in the product design, development and operation of blockchain asset/derivatives transaction platform, the Pro Gold team can be regarded as the most experienced development and operation team of trading platform of the industry at present.

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